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At Southern Pool Table Services we can recover all types of Pool Tables (English & American) in a wide range of cloth colours and custom designs.

We use only the finest cloth for EVERY pool table we recover, using cloth from the leading UK manufacturers WSP Textiles who produce the Strachan range of

cloth, 777 Premier, 6811 Club, 6811 Pool & 6811 Tournament Cloth, and Hainsworth who produce the Club, Smart & Elite Pro ranges.

The types of cloth that we use are a 'napped' wool cloth which is the ideal cloth for players that like to have good cue ball control, however the 'napped' cloths are still very quick playing and are used in most of the UK and World tournaments. The wool cloth comes in different grades starting at an entry level, hard wearing cloth which is ideal for Clubs & Pubs as well as domestic use, and then moving up to tournament wool cloth for the more serious clubs & players.

The speed cloth is a more hard wearing cloth which has no 'nap' this means that the balls travel further as there is no resistance against the balls, this type of cloth can usually be found on American Pool tables. The Speed cloth is also used in Clubs & Pubs and is ideal for Youth Clubs and any environment which the table will be in constant use.

Our recovering work is carried out onsite by one of our experienced professional fitters and usually takes around 2-3 hours to transform a tired looking table back to a new looking table. 


With Prices starting from just £175* for a general recovering service on a standard slate bed English Pool Table, we are the best competitively priced company in the South of England.

Please contact us for a quote on your table.....with no hidden extra cost's we stand by our quoted price to all our customers.


  • After a general inspection of the table the cushions are removed from the top frame and the old cloth and ALL staples are removed from each cushion, any minor repairs are then carried out to the cushions (for example Re-glue any loose rubbers) before the new cloth is fitted applying the correct tension to the cloth. The cushions are then refitted to the top frame.

  • The old cloth is then removed from the slate, the slate is then prepared by removing the old glue and brushing the slate clean.

  • The new cloth is then laid over the slate and glued into position, again applying the correct tension to the new cloth. Any overhanging cloth is cut away and the pockets are formed and shaped.

  • The new cloth is then ironed (where required) and the markings are applied to the newly recovered slate.

  • The table is then re-assembled and leveled.


Contact usfor a quote:

01634 350054 or 07907 505914


Southern Pool Table Services offers an onsite service of changing any cushion rubbers that have become unresponsive, we use brand new rubber that we cut to size and Hand-Shape then glue back onto the wood of the cushion before adding the finishing touches and applying the new cloth. With a range of different types of cushion rubbers in stock we are able to replace rubbers on all types of English and American pool tables.

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